214(b) dey sting like bee..took to TV showcased my dream..use my EP to tell my story..kunta kinte Mohammed Ali..now the whole world depend on me..I fulfilled the dream martin Luther king..I am the star that came out from the darkness..I got the scars on my back for my blackness.. Treat me like slave..treat me like shhh.. Treat me like afro n call me american..treat me like I’m not a human n massacre me and my migos..I am dying a hero..aim for the stars..reach for the heights..fight for my right oya shoot me on sight..George Floyd RIP and all the souls wey die for lekki..we’re dreamers..#newsingle #americandreamer #hiphopsoul. ….. ONEOFAFRICA

The Anticipated Single American Dreamer from Artist ONEOFAFRICA can be downloaded link is below