My whole life is a dream…way bigger than where I come from..way bigger than all the things I have been through.

I trust the process n keep believing on my dreams being inspired by many greatness before me like Martin Luther King Jr , Mohammed Ali who forsaw an America where I can be what I want to be in life irrespective of my color or race..being inspired by this liberty that the American soil gives to my creativity to thrive and develop into a success story for destiny purpose in leading Africa to its height as King in the entertainment and music world.

I am humbled by such a grace bestowed on me by my father in heaven and so I must act as an ambassador for peace on this earth.. and speak to my generation of dreamers..because we are all dreamers under the live is to dream as we sleep away and to die is to wake up n recieve our reward for achievement of those dreams communicated to us by God to fulfill while on this earth..#TMC #temple #TMPL #BeTheMovement #Ogidi #newsinglealert #USinNigeria #WeMove #americandreamer #DoneDeal #RichGang #RickRoss #sonymusic