New Single Alert American Dreamer by ONEOFAFRICA

ONEOFAFRICA has had many dreams … as a child he grew up listening to music with his siblings, he took a liking to LLCool J , Notorious BIG, and Tupac. He was good at rapping he became so good that he started free-styling and in time his friends in school than college formed a little group they did rap battles etc and became popular. His friends til this day still reminisce about those days in the university and sometimes they freestyle the raps they created and they held on to the CD that holds the memorable memories thats to forever to be cherished. ONEOFAFRICA was a just local rapper in historic Benin City ,Nigeria since than he’s move on and has become a Done Deal International Artist. “Dreams do come true all praise goes to Jehovah God “ I don’t take any credit for my success says ONEOFAFRICA. “

“American Dreamer was created for all those who have Dreams never stop continue to Believe.” ONEOFAFRICA…

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